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Welcome to what can be considered as my archives for Astronomy


Like a few thousand other astronomers, I have put a website together with the intention to give a brief overview on how astronomy can be handled as an hobby.

My background is physics and I’m an active amateur astronomer. For me astronomy combines various things a unique manner, including looking first hand at great nature and real physics, dealing with interesting technical equipment and being part of a community with very reasonable and interesting people. In addition astronomy is the perfect answer for all questions like:

Why do you need a computer and the Internet?

I enjoy both, visual as well as photographic astronomy.

When I started the website I was living in the Amsterdam area which represents a severe constraint for visual backyard observations. In order to find a dark sky I usually drove about half an hour to either a park (Veluwe) or to a less populated area (Flevoland). Weather was the other Dutch constraint to deal with. Because of that I’m sometimes not too sure if my hobby is really astronomy or collecting telescopes. Also I’m building up a bit of expertise in recognising different clouds formations and mosquito types (and vice versa…).

Now I live South of Frankfurt under a much darker sky.

But judge for yourself and let me know what you think.

Comments or questions are welcome.



Link to my new Rocket page added

Some New Links added

Added drawing on solar activity

CCD Images added

Some Messier CCD images can be found under Pictures

New Homepage layout

In August 2001 I went live with this new homepage layout.

In November 2008 I have updated my site reflecting my new location.

Also added star party pictures here